All roads lead to Rome, and that is why we have invented "Pizza Mia" to awaken your inner chef. Become the instant creator of your very own pizza. The result of unique know-how, with dough that has risen for 72 hours in our workshop and meticulously chosen authentic and certified Italian ingredients, Mamma Roma is once again proving its originality with the "Pizza Mia": the pizza that has a taste like no other!

"Pizza Mia" is presented in a kit format that you can put together yourself, with a pre-cooked base and two quality ingredients that you can use to garnish it.
Mozzarella DI BUFALA

Pizza Mia is exclusively available in Carrefour supermarkets

Our philosophy

Uniquely fresh

Pizza Mia uses extra fresh ingredients presented in separate containers to guarantee unique freshness and to preserve the delicate taste of each ingredient.


The vast majority of the ingredients come from Italy and have been chosen with great care. The authenticity and quality of the products are our priorities.

An entertaining experience

"I'm the pizza chef! Pizza Mia awakens your inner chef". Pizza Mia gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch and become the creator of your very own pizza.


Pizza Mia breaks the codes of the traditional Neapolitan pizza and presents the characteristics of the pizza alla Romana. This technique bears the hallmark of Mamma Roma expertise and is characteristed by the 72 hour dough rising period. The dough is light, airy and very crispy.


Pizza Mia is presented using Mamma Roma expertise. This Belgian brand, a leader in pizza al taglio alla romana, has been in operation since 2005. It now has 5 pizza restaurants in Brussels, 4 in Paris and one in Nice.